Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women 2012

Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy life. We all know that. If we live healthy then we can see that in the thickness and nourishment of our hair. But what if hair loss is a problem you have to face? What will happen next? Well, you can conclude you have betrayed your health but that doesn’t mean you have to sit down doing nothing about it.

Well, at first you can start with diet changes. Maybe there are some foods you eat that may have caused the problem. This can be categorized according to different food types and among the categories are: coffee and tea; fatty foods; alcohol; salty foods; high-protein in one’s diet; and sweetened foods including soda. Having known that these are factors to hair loss, you may lessen your intake of these food groups slowly but surely until such time that you no longer crave for them.

Also, another factor that may have led to hair loss problems is lack of vitamins. Vitamins and minerals (and all other nutrients) are essential to keep your crowning glory. What then should you consider in your list of vitamins? Your hair would need a biotin, zinc, iron, vitamin B and Vitamin A. Boost it with antioxidants, protein and pantothenic acid (one of the main components in the body’s cell which is noted to be essential for healthier scalp).

You will also need lifestyle changes. Yes, there are certain habits of yours that may have caused hair loss. As mentioned in the list of foods you should avoid, one is alcohol. This means you should forget about drinking alcohol if you want healthier hair. Also, in your wanting to look good in front of other people, you may have used plenty of chemicals on your hair. You may be visiting salons once every week just to get a hair spa or hot oil. There’s nothing bad about that but there are chemicals found in these treatments that may cause the hair loss problem. Add to that the fact that frequent blow drying may result to hair’s brittleness thus leading to hair fall and hair loss.

Much has been said about changes that you have to make and be conscious about naturally. If you want to learn more about other alternatives to the hair loss problem then read on.

Hair Loss Treatments

Aside from diet, intake of vitamins and minerals and making lifestyle changes, there are plenty of hair loss treatments out there that come in the form of shampoos and other cosmetic products. There are lots of them that you will see online. The question is how will you choose the best? We, at recommend that you:

Scrutinize the ingredients. If the product contains biotin and the many other essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for your hair then it can be a good solution to the hair loss problem. You might as well check though if you have certain problems with these ingredients. Read the label wisely.

Look into the price. Price is always a concern for many of us who want to see to it that we are getting the value for our money. We have to weigh in on how long the hair can be restored with a single product. It has to be pointed out that you should see to it that your hair has been restored within the period of time promised by manufacturers.

Read testimonials. Many people, like you, have faced hair loss problems. These people have tried the products you are looking into right now. Learn their reactions and their take on these products.

To make your search easier, we have listed the best three products for hair loss from which you may choose from.

Top Rated Hair Loss Products

#1 – Provillus

Provillus Ratings
Effectiveness 98/100
Speed of Results 97/100
Safety 98/100
Customer’s Support 97/100
Overall 98/100
Guarantee 90 days
Best Online Price $39.95
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Provillus is a hair loss solution which caters to the needs of both men and women. As proof to that, they have created a pink bottle for women and a blue one for men. This is indeed a good supplement knowing that it caters to the need of every gender.

What makes Provillus an efficient product aside from the fact that products have been made for men and women? Well, you have to take note of its ingredients. It has magnesium and zinc, minerals which are both essential for hair growth. Also, it has the herb saw palmettio in it. The product also contains vitamin B6 and horsetail silica.

How much should you pay for the product? Both the Provillus variants are sold at only $39.95 per bottle for a month’s consumption.

#2 – ProFollica

ProFollica Ratings
Effectiveness 90/100
Speed of Results 91/100
Safety 92/100
Customer’s Support 90/100
Overall 90/100
Guarantee 90 days
Best Online Price $89.95
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ProFollica, on the other hand has adapted its three-part system. It has blended a  shampoo, a nutritional supplement and activator gel in its pack. The shampoo is the very essence of the product in that it works to clean the hair. Hair cleansing, as we are all familiar with, is critical to restoring the hair’s health. On the other hand, the nutritional supplement has been packed with amino acids, minerals and vitamins to work on the hair loss problem. Lastly, you can use the activator gel to stimulate hair growth. This works as a leave-in conditioner for the hair’s moisturization.

ProFollica though is much more expensive than Provillus. Currently, the three-part system is being sold at $89.95 per pack.

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#3 – ReGrow Plus

ReGrow Plus Ratings
Effectiveness 85/100
Speed of Results 70/100
Safety 80/100
Customer’s Support 65/100
Overall 75/100
Guarantee 30 days
Best Online Price $47.95
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ReGrow Plus also deserves a spot in the top three hair loss treatments we have come across with. This is because of the fact that it comes from a trusted name in health which is Native Remedies. Apart from this single factor, there are many reasons to love the product.

It has blended only the best herbs and natural ingredients in the pack. It contains rosemary, gingko biloba, horsetail, yarrow and oats. All these ingredients work to promote better hair growth and encourage healthy blood circulation in the scalp. It can even be a tonic for healthier hair and nails.

Want to know the price? Well, this product sells at a very affordable cost of $47.95. If you buy from Native Remedies, you get a $10 discount.

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